General principles

The Challenge Kin-Mix is composed of 4 independent tournament days. Each tournament has its own ranking.

It’s possible to participate in one or more tournament with the same or different players each time.

At each tournament, points will be attributed for the first 10 positions. If a team participates in more than one tournament, its ranking points are accumulated in the general (or final) ranking.

Position Tournament in Avenches Tournament in Kerns Tournament in Farvagny Tournament in Orbe
1 25 32 41 53
2 22 29 37 47
3 19 25 32 41
4 16 21 27 34
5 13 17 22 28
6 10 13 17 22
7 7 9 12 15
8 4 6 7 9
9 3 4 5 7
10 2 3 4 5

At the end of the season, the best Adult teams will be invited to participate in the day of finals which will determine the winner of the Challenge Kin-Mix.

Rules of the game

The rules of the game are the same as the Swiss rules which are available on the website of the Swiss Federation. The fault of « walking » is no longer valid, however, there is the rule of the ball not moving once 3 players have touched the ball and the team is in control of it.

Conditions of participation

- Any player who is 15 years of age or older can participate in a Challenge Kin-Mix Adults tournament.
- Any player who is between 8 years of age and 15, can participate in a Challenge Kin-Mix Juniors tournament.
- Each game is played with 2 winning periods of 13 points (system 11-13).
- In the case of a tie, an extension of a 5-point game will be played to determine the 2nd and 3rd places.
- There is no defense tactic of proximity to the offensive team’s ball.
- There must be a minimum of one male and one female from each team on the field at all times.
- Being a tournament for pleasure, it is important that each player is able to be involved in each phase of the game.